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Card payments as a regular billing solution

EveryPay’s card payment solution can also be used as a convenient billing platform. It means that billing between you and your client can be done by card payments and the funds will be taken from the customer’s account that is associated with their bank card. You will no longer have to wait for the client to transfer you the money. All that your client has to do is to sign the agreement with you, and they also no longer have to worry about remembering paying their bills on time. This will now be done on behalf of them.

This solution works for you:

  • If you sell your products/services cross-border.
  • If you need to collect payments both from private clients and businesses.
  • If your invoicing is done periodically (e.g. once a month).
  • If your invoicing is done straight after delivering the service.
  • If you wish to have more control over your billing processes.
  • If you wish to automate your billing processes.

subscription payment

Advantages of regular card payments compared to standard billing and e-invoicing:

    • The process of billing is under your control. You know straight away whether the card payment was successful or not. If the payment was unsuccessful you can send an automated notification and schedule a new payment request.
    • Save both yours and your customer’s time. You can automate different payment related activities (e.g. send invoices to your clients, track settlements, track problematic payments) and as a result optimize work processes or workforce-related costs. This solution also saves your clients time since the whole process is automated.
    • Only one set-up. A billing solution with card payments is universal and can be used across the banks. Unlike for e-invoicing in order to collect payments via card transactions, You don’t need to have accounts in different banks. Save time on integration and use the only environment to track your settlements.  
    • Universal solution for Estonian based and international billing. Doesn’t matter whether your clients reside in Estonia or in a foreign country. Using card payments as a billing method is a universal and convenient solution to manage your finances.

Although there is a transaction fee associated with card payments, in some cases it can be even cheaper than the fee for e-invoice standing orders. For instance, if you take into account all possible bookkeeping related fees and processes you would need to use for regular bank transfers, then card payments can be a cheaper solution at the end.

This kind of card payment solution is widely used practice across the world.

card payments as billing solution

How does it work?

In order to start using card payments as the regular billing solution, both parties must sign a mutual agreement on payment terms.

In order to collect the necessary card details, we can provide you with a specific EveryPay page which you can use to perform cardholder authentication and validate card details through the standard authorization process. If the card is valid we will send you back a token for the card that you can now use for requesting payments. The actual card data is securely saved to EveryPay server and these details will never pass Your system. Saving the token is secure as the token cannot be reversed back to the card number and it is only valid for the merchant who it was originally created for.

It is now up to you how you will build your billing process but you can automate different payment related activities (e.g. send invoices to your clients, track settlements, track problematic payments) and as a result optimize work processes or workforce related costs.

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