Learn how to use EveryPay to power your e-commerce environment

Posted on September 4, 2018 | no comments

EveryPay is the premier Estonian payment gateway powering approximately 40% of Estonian e-commerce card transactions.

If you’re a founder of an Estonian company, either as an e-resident or as an Estonian citizen or resident, there’s a good chance that you’re going to want to get paid for your work. While there are many options for getting paid via more traditional channels through your bank (for more information on banking as an e-resident, check here); there are fewer clear leaders in the payment gateway space.

EveryPay has acquired the leading position for online payment processing in Estonia with over 40% percent market share locally and is one of Europe’s fastest growing payment gateways.

With the statistics provided by Central Bank of Estonia, the average monthly volume of the e-commerce card transaction for the first quarter in 2018 was about 9 millions euros, of which 40% is managed through EveryPay. Compared to last year first quarter the average monthly online payments volume was around 5 million euros, which means the number of the e-commerce transactions are growing fast.

Who Is It For?

EveryPay is a global payment gateway who has partnered with LHV as one of the most forward-thinking Estonian banks and who is one of the most popular banking providers for e-residents. LHV customers enjoy expedited access to the EveryPay platform as they comply with similar security standards helping to guarantee fraud reduction and safety for all parties involved in transactions.

For LHV customers who are operating an e-commerce – whether it’s being an e-shop or any other online business, EveryPay is a great option to consider for payment processing given it’s ease of integration into platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, iOS, Android, and support for custom APIs, its robust feature set, and the overall costs of transactions.


  • Next Day Settlement: Receive your funds the day after a transaction 365 days a year.
  • Different payment forms: You can use redirect or iFrame page as you see it best fit for your user experience.
  • Card Tokenization: Allows different payment solutions, like one-click payments, recurring payments, unscheduled merchant-initiated payments.
  • Subscription Payments: Allows you to take payments at any interval you agree with your customers — perfect for any product that has fees charged on a regular basis.
  • LinkPay: Accept online card payments without any need for IT development (or even a website). Create a payment link with predefined details and send it to customers via text, email, social, or even QR codes.
  • Various supported languages on payments page: English, Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, German, Polish, Danish.
  • Multi-currency support: Accept EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, NOK, DKK, CAD, CHF, PLN or HUF.
  • Fraud Prevention: EveryPay is PCI DSS level 1 certified and has robust fraud prevention tools for users.


Online card payments pricing is dependent on the processing volumes and the nature of your business, you can request a quote on their website. In addition, there are no setup, refund, void, or settlement fee (nor are there fees for extras like e-shop modules, fraud tools, recurring payment, or card tokenization functionality).*

EveryPay + e-Residency:

With EveryPay, e-residents from anywhere in the world who are LHV customers can easily incorporate a leading payments solution to their website and enable e-commerce transactions in a variety of currencies.

*Everypay acquiring banks are LHV and SEB.