New features and improvements from 2017

Posted on February 14, 2018 | no comments

2017 was a busy year at EveryPay and we’d gladly give you an overview of what we´ve been up to! The most visible part, of course, was the new design of the merchant portal and payment page. But there were also many improvements to our system, product, and functionalities.

  • We improved our Subscriptions functionality to support more business scenarios allowing flexible automated billing solutions for monthly collections, payments in every other Wednesday, in 5 days or whichever is the best cycle for your business.
  • We provide more detailed card data in callback about card issuer country, card type and product allowing to build more customised visualisation, use the information for targeted marketing or for analysing and mitigating payment risks.
  • We freshened our visual design for payment page and Portal to allow more user-friendly approach for expanding in-app commerce and to meet standards required for seamless, easy and practical usage.
  • We enhanced data search and filter options in Portal to offer improved data analysis capabilities (quick period search, payment search by error codes, flexible pagination etc).
  • We established a communication via Portal dashboard to inform you about processing errors, which can occasionally happen. Our goal is to keep payments running as smoothly as possible. Still, in case of any technical errors, we provide you operational information about the issue via Portal dashboard.  Additionally, notification email(s) can be set up to get corresponding information also to your inbox

Please go to Settings > Company Details > Contact Details > Edit > Notification e-mail

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