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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy of EveryPay AS (registry code: 12280690, address: Rebase 2b, 10917, Tallinn, Republic of Estonia, hereinafter „EveryPay”) (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) regulates the use and processing of all data and information disclosed to Everypay while using the website www.every-pay.com and its subpages (hereinafter the “EveryPay Site“). By using the EveryPay Site the user consents to adhere to this Privacy Policy. Disclosure of any data (including personal data) while using the EveryPay Site shall be considered as a consent for using and processing the disclosed data for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and according to applicable laws and regulations. EveryPay is entitled to use and process the e-mail address disclosed by the user to send information, advertisements, offers or any other similar types of commercial messages to the user for marketing and promotional purposes and to the extent necessary. The user may forbid the further use of one’s e-mail address for such purposes by sending a corresponding notice to the e-mail address newsletter@every-pay.com. EveryPay is entitled to communicate any data disclosed to it to the companies belonging to the same consolidation group as EveryPay, provided that these companies need access to the data in order to process it in accordance with and for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, and on the condition that the recipients of the data have committed to adhere to this Privacy Policy. Although EveryPay will make every endeavor to keep the information published on the EveryPay Site accurate, up-to-date and reliable, the information, terms and conditions and other data published on the EveryPay Site does not have any legal significance or binding nature. Any and all rights and responsibilities of EveryPay and its clients will be set out in separately concluded agreements. EveryPay does not assume any liability or responsibility for the information, opinions or any other content on websites directly or indirectly referred to or linked on the EveryPay Site.

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