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Subscription payments

Subscription payments can be used as a billing solution ideal for periodic and recurring payments. To successfully process a subscription payment, you need your client’s approval to take funds from their account at an arranged time with agreed regularity.

It works for you:

  • if you need to bill your customers regularly (whether the amount is fixed or variable).
  • If you wish to ease billing process for you and your client.
  • If you want to have better control over your billing collection processes.
  • If your area of activity, for example, is software-based services, advertising, newspapers / magazines, sports club, office supplies, transport services, cleaning services and so on.

How it works?

In order to process regular card payments, both parties must come to a mutual agreement on payment terms. EveryPay offers two different solutions: automatic subscriptions and recurring payments initiated by you.

In case of subscriptions, you would need to describe the frequency and the amount of the payment and communicate it to the customer. After getting approval from the customer the following payments will be initiated and processed by EveryPay automatically.

It works for you:

  • If you’re offering specific type of services or products with defined frequency.
  • If the billing amount is mostly fixed.

In order to enable subscriptions then in EveryPay Portal you need to describe a Plan by defining exactly how you wish to bill your clients e.g. – set a specific price for a service, set the frequency for the payment, name the specific subscription etc. Using the defined Plan, you can then sign a contract with the customer in your e-environment in order to start processing the recurring payments. We will process your payments with the exact regularity and in the amount that you have agreed with your client in the contract. You as a business owner have full control over the payments and have visibility of reordered products and/or services. Your clients will no longer have to worry about the deadlines as we will charge the card automatically for them when the bill is due.

In case of recurring payments initiated by you, the billing requests will be sent out by your system.

It works for you:

  • if for different periods the payment amounts vary on regular bases.
  • If you wish to have better control over your billing collection processes

Once the agreement has been made between you and your client, their card data will safely be stored in EveryPay´s server. We will send you back a token for the card that you can now use for requesting payments. As all requests will be sent out by your system, you can vary with the amounts for each payment request. The design and logic of notification processes will be also in your control so You can define all necessary communication as it is preferred by you. 

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