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At the beginning of this year, the Estonian company EveryPay introduced a new and innovative payment link – LinkPay. LinkPay payment solution allows companies to collect online card payments simply by using the predefined link. Opportunity to send that link via chat, e-mail, SMS, QR-code or other similar solution. The product of LinkPay has now even more features. Enabling now additionally to one-off payments also signing up for recurring payments, as well as defining the payment data via the payment URL for more sophisticated integration.

EveryPay LinkPay is a payment solution for all types of businesses allowing them to accept online card payments with zero need for IT development or even a website. LinkPay allows a company to create a payment link within EveryPay’s system. With custom fields and pre-defined details, and simply send the link to its customers. The customer can then make an instant, simple and secure payment with their debit or credit card. LinkPay also supports different payment types, including one-off payments and subscription payments.

EveryPay LinkPay

Payment link LinkPay

Payment link LinkPay

“LinkPay is the perfect tool for all businesses to improve cash-flow and get paid instantly, without the need for IT development or a website,” explains Lauri Teder, CEO of EveryPay. “While actively promoting online card payments we realised that very often companies do not integrate new payment options (i.e. other than sending an invoice) because it’s difficult and they either don’t have in-house IT competence to do it or their IT team is occupied with other tasks. Nowadays customers are expecting smooth and easy buying and at the same time also convenient paying solutions. We envision the future where payment solution integration is a marketing or finance team task, not IT.” comments Lauri Teder.

More and more self-employed professionals are seeking an alternative to traditional invoices. Their customers are expecting smooth and easy payment options, anywhere and on any mobile device. In order to solve the market challenges, EveryPay has developed a product that makes digital payments process seamless for everyone, everywhere and anytime.

“We have used LinkPay for about a year. Previously, we used PayPal. The advantages of LinkPay I would call out: easy to use – for us and for customers; speed – the next day settlement, without additional movements, in contrast for PayPal where you had to make about 5 clicks in order to get the  money to your company account; reliability – I have never had to apologize for the customers for the system being down.” commented Nordic Consult CEO Margus Laar.

How does LinkPay work?

Creating a payment link is easy via EveryPay’s portal. The service provider can copy-paste the link into an e-mail, website, SMS, invoice, live chat, or turn the link into a QR code to use in offline media: such as posters, billboards, or magazines.

Once an end-user clicks the LinkPay, they will be taken to EveryPay’s simple and secure checkout page, to make a safe and instant payment. To make it more familiar to the service providers’ customers they can customize the page by adding company/product logos, and additional information if required. 

All transactions can then be monitored in real-time on the EveryPay merchant portal: where all payments and further actions can be managed. For a company: there are multiple choices to choices the right payment solutions.  LinkPay works on any device, anywhere, anytime. It meets the needs of both SMEs and large corporations.

Features with LinkPay:

  • Pre-define all the payment data
  • Leaves your customers with an option to amend some of the transaction data
  • Leaves your customers with an option to define the payment amount
  • Customize the payment page with your logo and layout
  • Set a usage limit for the link
  • One-off or subscription payments

One-off payments

Payment link

Payment link

The easiest option is to create a general link that a customer can fill in or a link with predefined fields. You can share that link everywhere – on a website, an email, chat, invoice or in printed media. Suits well for small businesses, charity, etc.

Subscription payments

LinkPay is integrated with our subscriptions module which makes it really convenient to set up subscription payments. Define subscription plans, associate them with a link and share the link with customers. EveryPay platform takes care of all the future payments based on the plan specifics. The product suits well for any recurring or subscription-based service like sports clubs, cleaning service, etc.

A service provider can:

  • Add the link into an email, invoice or SMS
  • Post the link on social media pages
  • Post the link to chat room or messenger
  • Turn the link into a button and use it on your website
  • Turn the link into a QR code to use with offline media

Corporate solutions

Bigger businesses have more sophisticated needs and expect automation and tight integrations with their systems or business processes. With some IT effort, it is possible to create and pre-fill the links and get feedback about the transaction result. For example, an ERP system can generate a link with pre-filled invoice specific data. Attach the link to an invoice and if the invoice was paid via LinkPay link, receive a callback message back to the ERP system and designate the invoice as PAI.

Top level security is a must – PCI DSS Level 1

Top level security is a must. To process credit card payments all card details must be carefully guarded. All parties involved in the card payment process who want to either save, process or forward card details must follow the PCI DSS requirements. EveryPay payment platform is PCI DSS level 1 certified meaning our technical solution and processes meet the highest level of industry requirements.